Questionnaire to find out the impact of the current precautionary measures taken to fight the spread of COVID19 on the financial health of companies:
Company Name
Commercial Registration Number
Contact Person Name
Phone/Mobile Number
Industry Sector
How do these measures impact the business continuity for your company?
Is the company able to continue its business in its current cash flow?
What is the percentage increase of direct and indirect revenue and cost for the company as a result of applying the precautionary measures?
Revenue (%) Cost (%)
If the company has loans, what is the type of loan?
Is the company able to pay those loans under the current circumstances?
To what extent do commercial banks / the government sector respond to granting / deferring or restructuring loans?
What are the incentives already provided to you and affected the overall performance of your company?
What are the most important financial challenges for your company considering these current precautionary measures?
In your opinion, what other important factors such as support and incentives that would support your company’s operations and enhance your company's continuity and growth potential?
Are you aware of MCRC (Ministry of investment Covid-19 Response Center)?
How can MISA support you better?